Weble Connect is a straightforward and profitable solution to access remote PLC, machines, or any IP equipment installed on distant sites. Using it, systems integrators are able to control and maintain remotely their equipment, hence reducing significantly maintenance costs. This optimal Swiss-engineered solution will save you time and money.

High security


The Weble Connect system is based on the latest VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies. This ensure the deployment of fully secured connections: all the data traffic between users and remote networks transits through crypted tunnels ensuring authentication (PKI RSA) and data encryption (blowfish encryption with 128 bit keys).



Weble Connect is usable with the standard PPTP and L2TP VPN clients. So you can access your remote networks from any support (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc..) without installing any additional softwares. Also check out our VPN client for Windows and Windows Server: it give you access to all your remote networks without having to manually configure tunnels.



The Weble Connect remote access devices installed on site can get internet connexion through different ways: ethernet cable, wireless, or GSM modem with optionnaly deported antenna. The device then finds out itself the best way to access internet. The connexion to the VPN server can be carried over standards well used protocols like SSH and HTTP(s). The use of these popular protocols often avoids the need to configure additional rules on the client router. Also notice that the enclosure can be installed in electrical distribution boards with the rail-din clipping system.

Reliable and scalable architecture


The Weble Connect remote access devices can connect simultaneously to multiple distributed servers (hosted at different places) hence there is no single point of failure. This decentralized P2P like architecture ensure the reliability, scalability, and sustainability of the system.

Access control


The management and control of access to remote networks are centralized on a web platform. This allows to easily configure the sites and access to them for each of your employees. To restrict access to a remote network, you can create rules preventing or allowing access to parts of the network (IP ranges).

Site to site


Weble Connect not only allows technicians and integrators to remotely access the network installation, but can also act as a VPN router and create connections between different sites.

Custom solutions


In order to adapt and respond better to the needs of our customers and their projects, we like to tailor solutions and develop additional features. We can also install our solutions on any type of hardware supporting a Linux operating system: Raspberry pi, Banana Bpi -R1, virtual machines, or other industrial mini pc.

hardware Routeurs client VPN


windows2 Client VPN Windows

100.- CHF TTC

Weble Secure Client

  • Fonctionne avec Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/2008/Vista/7/10.
  • Fonctionne indépendamment de l’architecture réseau (firewall friendly).
  • Zéro configurations.
  • Ouverture de tunnels VPN jusqu’au client windows.
  • Ouverture de tunnels VPN depuis le client windows vers d’autre clients.


server Une licence serveur à votre mesure


0.- CHF/mois TTC


  • Attractif pour les particuliers et les essais.
  • Jusqu’à 3 clients connectés au service.


40.- CHF/mois TTC


  • Adapté aux petites entreprises.
  • Jusqu’à 10 clients connectés au service.


90.- CHF/mois TTC


  • Idéal pour les moyennes et grandes entreprises.
  • Jusqu’à 30 clients connectés au service.


220.- CHF/mois TTC


Ajusté aux grands groupes ou corporations ayant beaucoup de sites distants.

  • Jusqu’à 100 clients connectés au service.


7000.- CHF TTC

In house server

Parfait pour de grands groupes ou corporations désirant avoir un contrôle accru sur le service.

  • Nombre illimité de clients connectés au service.
  • Contrôle total de l’infrastructure.
  • Ajout de fonctionnalités sur mesure.
  • Option: hébergement du serveur dans nos locaux pour 50 CHF / mois TTC 


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