Logic Module

Being a project engineer or a building automation integrator, the logic module will completely meet your requirements. Whether to trigger commands, schedule tasks, launch Mail or SMS alarms, generate automation or computed values, everyone will find an optimal solution to their needs.

Efficient graphic interface

The powerful web interface is accessible from any browser and lets you easily design automation algorithms by graphical and intuitive editing of logic circuits. The automation design requires no special knowledge in electronics or computer programming. So it is easy to implement basic logic circuits (gates AND / OR / XOR) or even more advanced features such as scheduling tasks or sending alarms.


Flexibility is a great advantage of our logic module. You can configure any type of automation request. You may configure logic gates (AND, OR …), gates to trigger commands, SMS or mail alarms gates, mathematical gates for calculations (standard operations or statistical functions …), flow control gates (clock, timer, …) and even implement fully programmable gates (JavaScript) to accomplish the most difficult requests.



You can export and save your automation schemes directly from the interface on a computer or on an USB key. You can then import and reuse these automation schemes in other similar facilities without making any change. Note that you can also export pictures of your logic circuits in order to include them in your technical documentation.

Support and documentation

If you have questions or require assistance please contact our team. We will do our best to answer your questions. We operate in the shortest time on site or remotely.


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