Monitoring Module

Record activities of fieldbus and generate your charts, dashboards, and PDF reports to monitor and archive the progress of your installation.

KNX and/or Modbus Logs

Save both communications on KNX buses and state changes on Modbus devices. You can configure which data you want to record. The data is stored locally in the secured database of the W-BOX Controller. The data is used for comprehensive monitoring and also to check the proper operation of the installation. It enables you to quickly detect and diagnose equipment failure.


Automatic inventory on KNX buses

You may import addresses configured with the KNX ETS software. The W-BOX Controller will also detect automatically undefined group addresses communicating on KNX buses and writes them down in an inventory. This mechanism avoids tedious manual configuration of many addresses.

CSV exports

All installation data can be exported in CSV format. You have to choose what data on what time period you want to export. The system then generates the wanted CSV file, which can be further processed with Excel.



Easily generate flexible and interactive graphics. You will be able to see live updates of your installation or view its history. The graphics are adaptable at will. They can represent all types of values, in real numbers for wind speed or temperature, or in binary numbers for presence sensors or switches. Additionally, the graphics include data processing, such as smoothing curves and other statistical operations, which give a better installation overview.

Dashboards (development stage)

View multiple charts on the same page to compare them and get an overview on several installation aspects.


PDF Reports (development stage)

Set your own status reports. Whether it is a daily, monthly or annual report, it will be automatically produced and sent by Email. Note that all periodically generated reports are available at any time from the W-BOX Controller interface.

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