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Company presentation

Weble GmbH is a swiss company founded in 2012. Based in Bussigny , it is active in the IT development and implementation of building automation solutions.

From its origins, Weble GmbH sells a first-rate SMS ↔ MAIL service for businesses and individuals.

Meanwhile Weble GmbH has developed and now markets its flagship product: the W-BOX, an innovative and powerful building automation supervision.

Since 2012, Weble GmbH has taken off and can already record neat reference projects.

They trust us

Service SMS

To improve internal company communication, we offer a system that allows you to send SMS by writing emails from your email tool (Outlook, Hotmail etc …) or from our web interface, accessible with any standard Internet browser.

A Weble server takes care to send your message for the recipient in SMS format. Once received on a phone, it is possible to answer to the SMS. The answer is then automatically forwarded to your email account.

Weble Connect

Weble Connect is a straightforward solution to access remote PLC, machines, or any IP equipment installed on distant sites. Using it, systems integrators are able to control and maintain remotely their equipment, hence reducing significantly maintenance costs. This optimal Swiss-engineered solution will save you time and money.

Building Automation

Achieving your automation projects is one of our priorities. Our expertise in this area covers many existing materials, thanks to the relationships we have with our professional network of representatives of any brand.

However we encourage the use of the KNX devices: their high compliance to the KNX standard is essential for easily interfacing different kinds of sensors and actuators.


The development of custom solutions permits to meet your specific needs. We seek compatibility between all of your systems, technologies, and platforms. We can also advise and optimize the structure of your IT park and network.


Part of our business is to explore new markets in order to train ourselves continuously to guarantee you scalable and modern solutions meeting your needs.

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