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This client VPN, once activated on your device, will permit you to access it remotely for configuration and maintenance. It can also be used to access the device LAN and access other IP equipments. This solution can be used to deploy a smartphone application and access your installation from your cellular network (3g/4g/5g) or from any web-browser. The VPN connection is fully encrypted and secure.

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Product Description

The remote access module uses a secured VPN client to establish a secure connection tunnel to access the local IP network from a remote location (anywhere with an internet connection). PPTP / L2TP VPN, http (s) reverse proxy, remote desktop solutions, or SSH access. In practice, it is often used for programming and remote maintenance of the installation. You can use the Weble VPN web platform to configure remote accesses, and give your team or your customers links / VPN credentials to remotely access and configure their installations.

Additional Information

Web platform

Web platform is available for remote accesses management to your devices. You can setup accesses for your team or your customers to your set of devices.


Can access the device with native PPTP/L2TP client from laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Proxy HTTP(S)

Provides a reverse proxy to access the device web server / web application from anywhere with a simple URL.

Remote desktop

You can easily setup a remote desktop connexion via RDP for windows, or VNC. This feature is available from the web platform.

Remote Maintenance

You can remotely access the entire local IP (LAN) network of the site as if you were there. This allows you to maintain the site, program your controllers, or KNX participants via ETS, etc.


You can setup secured VPN tunnel between two different sites. This permits to route, communicate information or actions between sites running on different IP networks.


You can manage all your remote sites from a single adminsitration webpage.

Distributed Architecture

We dispose multiple VPN servers working in a mesh network. If one fails, the VPN clients can connect to another to maintain the accessibility.

Firewall friendly

The VPN uses a single TCP port, so it is easy to configure the remote sites firewall to permit the connectivity. The VPN client can also try to connect through an HTTP or SSH tunnel if configured so.

OEM VPN Server

You can on demand purchase your own OEM VPN Server running in your locals or on the cloud. With this solution, you have the total control of your VPN solution.

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